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YoungDriver Training

We can teach teenagers aged 14yrs and over, the basics of driving a manual car. The session covers clutch control, changing gear, reversing and steering all in a traffic free environment

The session lasts for two hours and aimed at up to three people sharing the training. This is your own private event.

After being picked up by your instructor and being driven down to our site you will sign in and listen to a safety/vehicle controls briefing on our converted bus, this takes 15 minutes. Then you head out in a 4x4 to begin the training.

Initially you will be learning basic clutch control to pull away and basic steering. Once you've mastered that you'll start to shift up through the gears and have a try at reverse parking. Once you've got to grips with driving you'll head off on a ramble around our 25 acre site negotiating steep slopes and drops. At the end of the session we'll let you loose in one of our two seater trials buggies.

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2 hour YoungDriver training session, minimum age 14yrs old for three people £175.00

This session includes two 4x4's, a production vehicle such as a Land Rover Defender 90 and one of our two seater buggies. The session lasts for total of two hours.

During the session the instructor will gauge the ability and progress of each participant and set them driving challenges appropriate to their rate of learning with the aim being to send them away with knowledge and experience of clutch control, gear shirting 1st to 3rd/4th gear, reversing and basic steering control. All driving takes place off road and in low range so therefore at slower than on road speeds.

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