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3 Hour multi activity 12+yrs

The activities in the session have been specifically selected if any member of your group is aged between 12+ years old.

If you want to mix and match activity's from another session please let us know although you'll need to stay within the suitable age brackets


Rallykart time trials

Can you drive an off-road go kart faster than your team mates?

Take control of this mean machine over bumpy off-road terrain, pitting your wits against the clock, knowing that every mistake could cost you vital seconds.

Photo 08-10-2019, 15 22 45.jpg

Blindfold 4x4

An activity where communication is paramount! Can you direct a blindfolded team mate around a twisty, hilly section of terrain?

Then it will be your turn to drive.

295636078_10158264189226924_865181934827678843_n (1)_edited_edited.jpg

Quad Obstacle Course

After walking the course you will attempt to drive a 125cc Yamaha ATV on this course full of obstacles, such as rumble strips, a see saw and even duck under our infamous limbo bar. Can you complete the course without making any mistakes?



A most peculiar vehicle, designed and built in our workshops with two independently steered axles.

What's more, the two steering wheels are incorporated into seats! Co-operation between the two drivers is vital, as each twists and turns their stool to maneuverer the contraption through the coned course. 

Photo 17-04-2018, 11 24 37_edited.jpg

4x4 Mini Trial

Climb aboard our custom built two-seater trials buggy. Here you will learn to drive a manual vehicle and drive our rugged trials course, up and down hills, across side slopes, without hitting and cones or tyres, getting stuck or parking it on it's roof!

3 hour Price list

If an adult wishes to take the place of a young driver there is a supplementary charge of £33 per adult on 3 hour sessions.

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